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earlier and he said his ended andip had just t like shooting people ."ust for fun the students went into the building.urity r that, there was a big rockville police were called. the were able to determine name and his class double. courtyard, they found him lunch, according to the campus. him intohen they took custody. say there were a lot of around holding guns up by saying it was crazy scene. saw the student being escorted away. "he looked back down, and that was it. like a normal person to you? he would not suspect he would like that.omething >> the campus says although the wanted todicated he people, the students he did never saw a gun and nothing had one.
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they do not feel anyone was in but theyiate danger, said was very concerned and they glad police was able to take the student into custody. he is still with rockville police at this hour. tomntey,ontgomery roussey, abc 7. >> more tonight on the scandal of the ciahe head out of office. of congress will be asking pointed questions about with hisraeus's affair broadwell.paula >> another big day of developments on this. the intelligence committees as they will hold an about what members about the affair they say it could have led a breach of national security through blackmail or espionage. this is exactly the kind of get top that will billing among many. >> controversy tonight on
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capitol hill. who knew what and when in the affair of david petraeus and his broadwel? paula >> it started about two months office says the cia and it ended about four ago.s corrective it happened while in uniform, he could still be prosecuted. further, did he share classified and permission with him? this summer, she talked of our routine access. had the opportunity to sit classified chatter of terrorist talk. jill kelley prompted the entire investigation this summer. s ago, a source tipped cantor. should others have known, such as the president or intelligence committees? told until after election day. >> it's mysterious. have insight
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into it. onof this is their effect a think wecurity, need to move on. >> move on by investigating the attacks in libya. petraeus was to testify number thursday. members, suspicious of the l have, say they wil questions for the former director and they will do so behind closed doors. one justice officials as there a longstanding justice y not assureolic a criminal from investigation 21 outside the , including the white house and congress, unless national security is involved. the had, determined there was no security breach. the only possible criminal allegedly deemed threatening emails. >> thank you, scott thuman. the biggest priority for back in session will be the fiscal cliff. they must find a way to avoid spending cuts kick in
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january 1st. both sides have different ideas. leaders will be meeting on friday to start we help ins, earnest. >> back to a shooting that has a howard county community. the searches operas suspect who a well-knownot restaurant manager. it happened at the top zero inmont minstrel way columbia. at taco bell on minstrel w ay. it happened right behind this taco bell. should remain on builders. they're well aware of that back then. by tonight they're taking an extra look over their shoulders shoulders and into the shadows. the employees are clearly sad happened to their friend and co-worker. injured righthe well liked a simple man in his 30's. as a surviving witness, his
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identity is being protected. >> howard county is a very safe live in. this is just a want-off incident that is bad for the area. a one off incident. near broken land parkway, the manager was takign trash out encountered two people loitering. he was hit several times but he back into the restaurant. many people started to wonder if the danger persists. when i go out, we always have watching out. she worries about safety at time and others are forering what this means never did believed to be safe. >> that strikes me as off for
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this area. unfortunately, it's starting to happen more often. >> the victim in this case condition atitical the shock trauma center in baltimore. say they have had a people hanging night in thet parking lot. the businesses here, a obama has handed over surveillance video to look to see ifa they can possibly identify any suspects. columbia, brad bell, abc 7 news. a lot of people had veterans off, a lot of others went to work. operated on a saturday schedule leading to first reading commute. capacityre packed to some red line riders had a two hour ride in to the office. some think they cater to much to government and not to the private sector. metro says service went on schedule. richmond city council is make a big decision on whether to go forward for a
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new training and facility for washington redskins. now in in session right the votes are coming as some stop the deal. if a facility is built, it is to bring $8.50 million into richmond each year. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 6, how deep changing laws leave for a spike in the business of getting married. a brand new sculpture to marine corps we will have that for you and a in a report coming up. cloudy and smiled at the front, but a strong cold in cooler air and rain. the forecast is moments
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>> continuing now with overdue honor is very marine corps i and the world war i caribbean conflict. and 8-foot statue is now corps museum in, richard reeve was there for the ceremony. ♪ >> it's an honor to be here for the dedication. >> this will no ordinary sculptured the vacation. a marina'sefinitely
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marina. eight-foot statue. he was a combat marine. the most decorated marine in history. >> i was 19 years old at the time. he was a private during the war when he saw the colonel up close. >> on the side of the road one he just said, "we've got boys."w, >> would be awarded five navy crosses. you captured the in thisr of a man culture? photographs,ty of perhaps the best way is to the man who served with him. >> i would have taken the oral history. this sculptor, an ex-marine, had stories like this one. he commanded in the bloodiest battles in world war ii and korea. chesty, after his
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barrell chest, is an ally part number in a poor legend. myi love that it will keep father is a legend alive. of the marineart corps. >> and now this sculpture, a chesty puller. richard reeves, abc 7 news. >> a proposal from the governor of new york. the federal help with the p from hurricane sandy. weather changes coming our way. >> maryland fans are still about the game against kentucky and now there is a big the big man. the redskins were back on the deal today. is ailing and who is out against the eagles? vick.ry latest on michael will oh! green mountain coffee!
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captioned by the national captioning institute are watching abc 7 news at 6. >> three newly passed same-sex
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toriage laws are expected boost the economy. the women's institute says maryland,ws in washington, and the main will result in $166 million newlywed in spending over the next three years. maryland can expect $62 million. thus does not include spending s will-of-state couple travel in to marry. as the north east boards to get ofk on in the aftermath sandy, governor cuomo york is looking for federal aid. an official in and the administration wants to get at $30 billion from the federal government. to cover would be used costs to repair bridges, subway rail linesd commuter as rebuild homes. do need a lot of help there. quiet weather for the next days along the east
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coast. some showers will be coming in tonight but it will come and go. we are in fine shape. mild and cloudy but big changes with ain later tonight cold front. lapse looking west. route 50 headed east towards falls church. increasing cloudiness but the have been just terrific. los 70's and still in the 60's. won out.s have 63 in huntington town, maryland. alexander is now at 66 degrees. alexander that is at 66. than average as we enter the to theveral days thanks cold front.
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dramatically colder. 36 in detroit. 34 at chicago o'hare airport. 26 in minneapolis. the a little cold shot logan rotate up towards the northeast. -- these little cold shots will roll up and rotate towards the northeast. big temperature departure. 27 degrees colder than it was yesterday in detroit. it's all about the cold front. the little pocket of showers pop. east of the blue ridge. we can assure you of a live 7 -- we can show these will move across the region. is when the main line of
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showers will move in. rain should be off to the east 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. here's what we have. next seven days, as we of november,dle shares in the morning. clear and breezy. falling temperatures. sunshine on wednesday. seasonal temperatures and a cloudy thursday, friday, saturday. the next chance of rain on sunday. >> a quick reminder now about app.ewest abc 7 it's an alarm clock that offers traffic, weather, news, along pictures and wake up's from abc 7 anchors. call you personally. >> and now, the toyota sports desk.
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brought to you by your local toyota dealers. you personally. good morning, good morning ♪ >> will rise harbor have a good morning? readily baseball is of theing the rookie year award right now. bryce harper is being talked about. nats and great boost. lot more than just an energy boost. runs, 18 stolen bases, .270 with a .340 average with batters on. the teenager played in only 139 games. l be watching for the announcement. it's coming up any moment. that show is on the air. football fans to redskins went back to work today.
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the redskins are hopeful that able to go onl be against the philadelphia eagles. played all season because dot of a knee injury. these guns -- the skins say he have to have some season foot injury. a lot to play for. have swag.ers you have something special. i do not promise anything, but i my best. >> the eagles have their rahm problems. is imploding. l vick asck michae concussion. how serious is it? will he be on the field on sunday? andy reed/ >> we will now here in the next few days.
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have a pretty good idea. now is itelling you pretty significant. >> andy reid had to think about it. the wizards plainly charlotte their firstg for win of the season. lakers have won it two in a d last night they signed to replace happened to phil jackson? y he wanted to much power and too much of the organization. three years, $12 million. after friday night's 3-point to third ranked kentucky, player of thec week. measuringgame was a the young terrapins.
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tonight, maryland is expected to win. he will start to develop his thetation for the rest of seasons. >> keep your fingers crossed r bryce harper. >> double of the final look
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at 11 remedy you that go bumpings the night? we venture out with some local seenndras to say they have , and theyave heard believe. live at historical they believe is haunted at 11. >> cold air coming our way? a cold front coming in with showers and colder temperatures. at 11an will tell you held chilly it's going to get.
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